Juan José Bárcenas

Juan José Bárcenas, was born in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico in April 26, 1982. He studied piano, theory and composition since 1989. Later, he studied Bachelor's degree in Music at INBA National Institute for Fine Arts with PhD. Felipe de las Casas, and after the Graduate Composition  with PhD. Mauricio Beltrán and PhD. Ignacio Baca-Lobera.


His chamber, electroacoustic-orchestral music and multimedia art is characterized by constant research and generation of elements, rhythms, gestures, colors, densities and dynamics emerged and led to  extremes parametrics;   exploring techniques such as microtonalism, integral serialism, algorithmic processes, programation of computer software and graphic approaches to composition.


As  composer, Bárcenas has some significant distinctions, performances, awards and honorable mentions:    Young Creator by the Mexican National Fund for Culture and Arts (FONCA, México) 2005, The Young Creators Scholarships (Querétaro, México) 2004, Seoul Computer Music Festival (Korea) 2005, New Music International Forum "Manuel Enriquez" 2005-2007 & 2009, 2010. Radar Festival 2006, Queretaro Youth Prize 2005 (Government from the state Quéretaro, México), Festival Internacional Cervantino 2006 & 2007, 2010. Festival Santiago México 2007, Festival Cuenca Spain 2007, National Composition Prize Morelia, 2005 & 2007, Festival Forum Neuer Musik / Köln Germany 2009, International Composition Competition ALEA III 2009 (Boston University, USA), Contemporary Music Festival "Música Nueva Monterrey",  International Contemporary Art festival: León 2009, VII Festival Internacional de Música Clásica Contemporánea de Lima, Perú. Festival Primavera en La Habana 2010, winner in   the First National Composition for  clarinet  2014 UNAM-Mexico, and winner in the prestigious Iberoamerican Rodolffo Halffter Prize in 2010.



He has received commissions from: Ensemble Integrales (Germany), Eva Zollner ( Germany), International Contemporary Ensemble (USA), Wilfrido Terrazas (México), Julian Elvira (Spain), International Festival Cervantino, México City Woodwind Quintet among others.



The Barcena´s works are numerous and varied in nature, ranging from multidiscipline-multimedia and choral works to chamber music, from film and theatre music to solo instrumental pieces, his scores in number are more than fifty compositions. He currently lives in Queretaro-Mexico and since 2005, he has been teaching Music Analysis, Composition, Harmony and Ear Training as a full time professor at the Center for artistic education Queretaro, and in  the University center for  music creation U.AQ  (CUCM / UAQ ).  He is constantly involved in experimental art projects as a sound artist, art-video-multimedia performer in Mexico and abroad. His compositions have been performed in the following countries: Belgium, Costa Rica, Cuba, France, Germany, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Perú, Portugal, The Netherlands, Spain, Venezuela, United Kingdom & United States.